It is now easier to look up a person on our site. The latest update of March 15, 2021, allows you to search with or without accents on vowels in the Fiirst Name and Last Name fields. We also started to use a tool allowing us to associate the family names of a same family but entered under different spelling or variant.

Search Without Typing Accents

Before this release, if you were launching a search, for example, to find François Bérubé, without the cedilla under the « c » of François or the acute accent on the two « e » of Bérubé, the result was empty, because it was mandatory to add accents and the cedilla. From now on, the First Name and the Last Name will be found when you will search, no matter whether you have added the accents and cedilla or not.

Example of search results for Francois Berube, without the cedilla (ç) or acute accents:

Associated Names - Letters A and B

Up until now, if you were searching for a family name (e.g. BRAULT), only the names which were written as typed were listed in the results. In this case, the following names with a different spelling or variant (BRAUD, BÉRAUD, BÉRAULT, BRAULT, BREAU, BREAULT and BRO) were excluded. We have now started to associate family names with different spelling or variants such as defined in the P.R.D.H. (Programme de recherche en démographie historique) (see This is quite a tedious task. We have now completed the letters A and B. We will continue this work of normalization in the following months.

If you want to know more on how to search for associated names, please go to the following link: